The Dahlia, summer in your pocket

About the Dahlia
The Dahlia long had the image of being a plant for grandparents. In recent years, the vinage plant has become very hip. This is no wonder, as they are beautiful flowers in an incredible number of varieties: from single-flowered white flowers to spherical red, velvety bulbs with small, spoon-shaped petals. There are many unusual Dahlias with special names. Such as Dahlia Café au Lait or Dahlia Crème de Cassis.

Dahlias bloom long and profusely and they come in endless variations of colours and shapes. They are ideal flowers to add colour to the garden at the end of summer until the first frost. They combine very nicely with flower bulbs. As a cut flower, you can also bring them nicely from the garden to your living room.

How do you plant Dahlias?
The special thing about Dahlias is that they grow from tubers. You can buy Dahlia tubers from March to June. Buy Dahlia tubers from a garden centre or online shop for bulbs and plants.

Plant the tuber in well-fertilised soil. So deep that the tip from which the plant grows is just under the soil. Do not plant the tuber upside down, as it will not grow. You need to be patient, because it takes at least five weeks before a plant emerges from the tuber.

From early summer onwards, you can also order Dahlia plants. You then buy a Dahlia in a pot. You can also put these in the garden. Or you keep the Dahlia in a pot on your terrace. Intratuin has many varieties for sale.


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