10 times beautiful green flowering garden plants

Finger plant

The finger plant needs protection in Dutch winters, but then you have a beautiful evergreen plant that flowers modestly. After flowering, berries are sometimes formed. The plant’s leaves can grow up to 40 centimetres and are reminiscent of fingers. The finger plant should not stand in the wind, but preferably in a quiet spot. A plant that can be enjoyed for years with good care.

Height: up to 3 metres
When to sow finger plant: spring
Flowering time: October/November
Latin name: Fatsia Japonica
Type of plant: perennial
The finger plant often ends up in the garden when it gets too big as a houseplant.

Rock heather

Rock heather has a bright red colour in spring, after flowering the leaves turn green and they keep that colour throughout the winter as well. The flowers on these green flowering plants are white, small and inconspicuous. The rock heather definitely has to rely on its beautiful leaves.

Height: 30 centimetres
When to sow rock heather: spring
Flowering time: April/May
Latin name: Pieris
Type of plant: heather
This heather has fragile leaves and prefers a sheltered spot. Pruning is not a good idea.

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