Rising with annual climbers

Climbing plants are good in any garden and on any balcony. If you go up in height with greenery, you quickly create variety.

With their colourful flowers and fast growth, annual climbers are attractive atmospheres on balconies and terraces. Especially in newly planted gardens and on dull balconies, vertical greenery can be used to create an immediate and simple atmosphere.

Sowing and caring for annual climbers
You can sow annual climbers yourself or buy them. Sowing annual climbers is easy and does well until early June. Keep the soil moist and when the plant starts to grow, fertilising once every two weeks is recommended. With annual climbers, also think about supporting the plants. Tie them up with string or wire. Or guide the plant along a rack.

Suzanne with the beautiful eyes
Annual climbers with flowers
Annual climbers with flowers include Suzanne with the beautiful eyes and East Indian Cherry. Less well known is Canary Cherry: just as easy a plant, but with slightly different leaf shape and gorgeous tufted yellow flowers. Other annual climbing plants with flowers are Geurerwt (lathyrus) and Bellweed (Cobaea).


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